Great Way To Shop – And It Won't Embarrass Your Teenage Daughter!

Soma Intimates

I like shopping on-line.  I can search around, gather up as much information on the product as I can handle, then buy from the store with the best price.  There are certain items that I’ve found difficult to buy without trying on and one of these items is a bra.  I finally caved after seeing a commercial for a line by Soma.  Our area has two of these stores in malls but they are a bit of a drive for me so I decided to trust Soma’s fit & style expert Jessica Wells, their size guide and buy online.  (And I found a great online cash back site that added to my savings!  More on that in my next post! :-> )

Not only were their recommendations perfect, their size guide was spot on.  Good job Soma!  I was shopping for my oldest daughter and myself.  She absolutely hates shopping for bras so that can make a shopping trip a *ahem* challenge.  My hope was that Soma would come through for at least her needs and it did.  It did for me as well!  Bonus!

Their “Sensuous Sides 3 inch Minimizer” truly reduces cup size by 3 inches.  The straps are smooth as well as the closure in the back.  Their “Enhancing Shape Full Coverage” style wears almost undetected under a white T-shirt, which is a staple in my wardrobe. When ordering Soma intimates it’s very important that you use their size chart.  Our size came out different from the brands we usually wear and that made me skeptical about the fit, but it worked perfectly and comfortably.

A big bonus for Soma Boutiques is that they are just that, boutiques.  You aren’t surrounding by images of women selling sex (you know the stores I’m talking about).  You are in a store that shows the beauty of women in a sophisticated, lovely way.  After chatting with a Soma representative I asked how she would compare a Soma Boutique to those other women’s stores and she used the words “conservative” and “elegant”.

Check out Soma Boutique and see for yourself.  They feature pajamas, lingerie, leggings, tops and dresses as well.  Let me know what you think :->

(*Disclosure:  I was not compensated for my review.  I am sharing my honest opinion and feel more women would like to know about the Soma line.)




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