Protecting Your Home from a Flood

Even a little bit of water can cause extensive damage to your home and your possessions. If you live in an area prone to flooding, you know all too well how devastating a flood can be. There are ways that you can protect your home and your belongings and make it less likely that you will suffer from the effects of a flood.

Elevate Your Home

Many homeowners protect their home by elevating their homes about flood level. National rescue agencies offer base flood elevation maps that will show you at which level your home is likely to flood. Relocate your belongings to a higher floor in your home and level the ground level vacant. This will ensure that even if your home does flood, you will not lose valuable possessions.

Protect Your Utilities from Flood Damage

Most people have their hot water heater, furnace and cooling system on the lowest level of their home. This means that in a flood, these utilities will be rendered useless and can even pose a danger to your family. If you know a flood is imminent, shut off the electricity in your home. If your appliances become submerged, consult an electrician before attempting to restart them.

Invest in Flood-Proof Storage

If you live in a flood plain, store your belongings in waterproof containers. Tools and other implements can easily be destroyed in a garage in a flood. Invest in metal side boxes and toolboxes that will protect your equipment. Rubber totes will keep your clothing and other textiles from being damaged. Reinforce walls to keep them from sustaining water damage.

Purchase Flood Insurance

The time to find out if you have flood insurance is before, not after a flood. Many people think that their homeowner’s insurance policy covers flooding. Unless your policy specifically says that it covers floods, assume that it doesn’t. In some cases, you may be required to carry flood insurance if you live in certain areas. Flood insurance is not limited to traditional floods. It may also cover you in the case of a burst pipe or water main break that causes water damage to your home.

When it comes to protecting your home in the event of a flood, it helps to prepare in advance and be ready for whatever may come your way. From buying waterproof toolboxes for your garage to purchasing flood insurance, you can never be too prepared.

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