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Summer season is upon us and this is the one time of the year that my fellow neighbors and I in the Pacific Northwest get to host outside parties, like a Barbeque or a pool party.  We do love the rain that brings the greenery however, when the sun shines we are outside to soak in as much Vitamin D as we can take.  (And we complain about the heat of course, but most of us will take the sun any time).
I’ve been acquiring recipes of delicious marinades, and potato salad “secret recipes”, so I think my husband and I should plan a Grill Party and have a little “cook-off” with our friends.  I want to add a more personal touch to our party so I think we’ll actually use good, old fashioned “snail mail” and send invitations.  Who wouldn’t love to receive an actual personal note in the mail instead of a bill or junk mail?  I received a ‘Thank You’ note the other day and it made me smile.
I’ve seen some lovely party invitations at InvitationBox.com.  They have styles that include 50’s Retro Picnics, playful Children’s parties and classic images perfect for weddings or showers.  The appearance of the invitation really sets the tone for the gathering and there are many wonderful designs to choose from. 
If interested in invitations more formal events but question the proper way to address a card, or perhaps when is the correct time to mail invitations, InvitationBox.com provides advice on etiquette for a variety of parties.  This is a helpful service if you don’t happen to have a copy of Emily Post nearby and formal occasions make you apprehensive.  “When should I send Bridal Shower Invitations?”  “How long after the party can I send ‘Thank You’s?”  Long lists of worthy questions are answered and it’s a valuable addition to InvitationBox.com. 

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